Smout Allen

Back To The Future 

MArch Architecture, Unit 11, Bartlett School of Architecture

This year Unit 11 dreamt of future pasts. Using Venice and Hamburg as our architectural test sites, and via explorative themes of preservation, intervention and augmentation, we have reconsidered, reinvented and rebuilt the heritage of these cities, while questioning the interaction of old and new. The natural tensions and antithetical relationships characterized by the struggle between preservation and progress provide lessons, opportunities and limits for the continuum of landscape and urban histories and, more importantly, determine their emerging futures.

5th Year Students: Alexander Chapman, Christopher Delahunt, Milo De Luca, Ness Lafoy, Johanna Just, Anthony Ko, Agostino Nickl.
4th Year Students: Alexander Liew, Beth Bird, Ellie Sampson, Emma Colthurst, Laurence Blackwell-Thale, Patrick Horne

ELEVEN Vol. 6 on ISSUU. To purchase a copy please contact us