Proving Ground Field Trip 2012- Field Studies

Here's a selection of our students field studies from our 2012 Super-Workshop with Geoff Manaugh (BLDGBLOG), Nicola Twilley (Edible Geography), Nat Chard (Drawing Uncertainty) and of course our own Unit 11 (Bartlett UCL).

Luke Royffe
Post-Polly Biospheres: : Luke Royffe

Sonila Kadillari
The Light Compass: : Sonila Kadillari

Sandra Youkhana
An Imagineer's Toolkit: : Sandra Youkhana

Will Armstrong
Citrus Calculations: : Will Armstrong

Rachel King
The Mini Golf Speciator: : Rachel King

Tom Partridge
: Tom Partridge

David McGowan
: David McGowan

Danny Lane
Cardboard Air Conditioner: : Danny Lane

Daniel Felgendreher
Soil Sampling, Lakebelt Miami: : Daniel Felgendreher

Banksie Critchley
: Banksie Critchley

Jennifer Dyne
: Jennifer Dyne

Mara-Sophia Kanthak
: Mara-Sophia Kanthak