Smout Allen

National Reserve

MArch Architecture, Unit 11, Bartlett School of Architecture

This year Unit 11 interprets the landscape of margins and architectures ‘on the edge’ to expose overlooked stories of life and data. Spatial opportunities within the often-misunderstood interlacing of unplanned and planned, designated and uncontrolled urban and rural landscapes are exposed through interrelated landscape scenarios.

Sited within the UK and international territories (Palm Springs and Los Angeles), Unit 11 consider themes of cultural identity, acceptance, belonging, progress and planning within these undetermined landscapes. From the mundane planes of the Metropolitan Green Belt’s brownfields, to the commercialised landscapes of Palm Springs: what is the future of the ‘National Reserve’?

5th Year Students: Bethany BirdLaurence Blackwell-ThaleTom BuddEmma Colthurst, Patrick HorneLex LiewJoe RobertsEllie Sampson
4th Year Students: George Bradford-SmithAndrew ChardWei-Kai ChuOliver ColmanStefan FlorescuPaul HumphriesDouglas Miller, Naomi RubbraNicholas Salthouse

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