Smout Allen

Proving Ground

MArch Architecture, Unit 11, Bartlett School of Architecture 

Unit 11 continues to explore land use and the corresponding architectures, technologies, infrastructures and ecologies inherent in the anthropogenic landscape. Last year we sought out the invisibility of architecture and the infastructural, social and natural landscapes of New York. This year we turned our focus to technological innovations, space spin-offs, adapted technologies and hybrid processes that result in the production of landscapes that can subsequently be defined as techno-natures. To do this, we explored the liminal and engineered landscapes of southern Flourida as well as the systematic landscapes of Cape Canaveral and its hinterlands of military and space industries. 

5th Year Students: Farah BadaruddinBanksie Critchley, Alisan Doherty, Rebecca Fode, Sonila Kadillari, Adrienne Lau, Tom Partridge, Harriet RedmanLuke Royffe4th Year Students: William Armstrong, Jennifer Dyne, Daniel Felgendreher, Mara Kanthak, Rachel King, Danny Lane, David McGowan, Sandra Youkhana

Prizes and Congratulations
Farah Badarudding awarded Fitzroy Robinson Drawing Prize
Sonila Kadiliari awarded Environmental Design Prize

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