Smout Allen

Amy Hiley THE GREEN LIVING CITY WALL: A liminal hinterland connecting nature to the city

Hoboken, Jersey City & Union City {Hudson County, New Jersey}

Historically Hudson County existed as marsh and farmland. Whilst the area became heavily urbanised and industrialised during the 19th and 20th centuries, due to recent decline, it now exists as barren wasteland. This project explores and integrated green infrastructure across the zones of decline by reintroducing agricultural land and wetlands, adjusting the local hydrological cycle and re-configuring the infrastructures of the urban districts. 

A ‘Green Living City Wall’ is an imagined hyper dense edge synthesizing landscape, green infrastructure and architecture, to create a legible identity and continuous urban definition for the communities; an ecological, recreational and social catalyst. It is designed as a utopian mega vegetative frame, consisting of large greenhouses for food growth, interconnected with walkways and cycle paths, sky forest tree towers, recreational event roof lawns & gardens, fruit orchards & neighborhood allotments within farm market towers, fed through a circular metabolic method of managing and storing local water cycles.

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