Smout Allen

Home Ground

MArch Architecture, Unit 11, Bartlett School of Architecture 

The 21st Century idea of home exists between the private space of the house and the public space of the city. The contained experience of private space is projected onto the megascale of social, technological,economic and environmental infrastructure. In San Francisco and the Bay Area, a complex social and physical landscape - the cities ecosystem - is seen as a site for new typologies of inhabitation and challenge to the operations of public and private space. This years works takes on the demand for densified urban living that embraces the city's extraordinary dynamism and counter cultures such as its existing communities of microcities, 'Google ghettos' suburban hybrids and sufficient communities to name a few.

With a spirit of optimistic invention we began by making prototypical incisions and insertions into the public body of San Francisco, which developed into new forms of habitation which drawn on the contemporary condition, borrowing technology, materials, typologies and conventions from the industries, cultures and processes of the city to write another latter of history on the city.

5th Year Students: Andrew Barrington, Nicholas Blomstrand, Harry Grocott, Lucas Ler, Gareth Marriott, Tracy Shum, Michael Slade, Marcus Stockton.  4th Year Students: Felicity Barbur, Robin FarmerEmma Kitley, Fergus Knox, Adam LamponAli QureshiFergus Seccombe.

Prizes and Congratulations
AHMM Design Realisation Prize - Fergus Knox
Sir Andrew Taylor Prize - Harry Grocott
The Bartlett Medal - Harry Grocott
The Bartlett Medal - Marcus Stockton

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