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Lecture: Augmented Landscapes and Delicate Machinery

LectureSmout Allen

In the lecture we discuss recent work where architectural representation and the iterative process of design: investigation, proposition, drawing, making, modelling, etc, are particularly significant and lead to highly visual and engaging pieces which establish an important relationship between the user, the viewer and the artist/architect.  The Hawksmoor International Open Lecture Series, Thursday 29th January 2014

Lecture: Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark

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The magazine featured a discussion between us, Sir Peter Cook and Will Hunter, on drawing culture in architecture including 10 pages of our work. Our latest drawing, 'Wet Lands', could be found on the cover and in a special gatefold insert. Other interviews included are Peter Eisenman, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Marcelo Spina, Eric Owen Moss and Sou Fujimoto.