Smout Allen

Anthony Ko - Protesting Artificial Amnesia

Architecture is undoubtedly political, it has to transcend people from living parasitically in a city, into activists who would fend and protect the place from falling into oblivion by the malicious disruption of aggressive powers.

During the handover ceremony of Hong Kong from British hands back to China in 1997, the two sides agreed to allow 50 years of ‘Unchange’ to Hong Kong’s political and social system. Of course, it didn’t take 50 years for China to begin intervening on Hong Kong’s autonomous governance. A castle or a city, that resurrects the vanishing memories and separatist notions, is established along the Frontier Closed Area (FCA) in Hong Kong. It is an artist incubation architecture that provides freedom to the artists to dwell, producing artworks that critique and respond to their uncertain future. Architecture has to evolve into a political work for triggering rebellious activities against China.

Back to the Future 2017