Smout Allen

Beth Bird - Recycling Venice 

In Venice alone, if each tourist buys one bottle of water during their stay, that’s a consumption of at least 17 million water bottles.

Studio Plastica is intended to influence and reduce the impact of waste, produced by tourism, on the preservation of the Venetian Lagoon, by augmenting a picturesque Italian landscape into a heaped topography of innovative plastic construction. This showcase of plastic waste serves to inspire us and change the way we perceive plastic as a raw material, as opposed to rubbish. The studio works to promote Italian craftsmanship, which has declined over recent years, by providing a workshop for designing and creating new plastic products. Studio Plastica is a crystalline beacon by day, lantern by night, and a warning to those who visit Venice: come for the experience of breath-taking architecture, but please leave no trace of your presence behind.

Back to the Future 2017