Smout Allen

Victor Hadjikyriacou The United Nations Financial Nature

United Nations HQ, 1st Ave, Manhattan, NYC

The subterranean environment below the UN site is excavated from the Manhattan Bedrock, creating an underworld of functions accommodating the UN Economic & Social Council. A main Assembly Hall, diplomats quarters, currency print rooms, administration offices are all centralised around the Gold Tower which pierces through the public platform above. Enclosed in its central structural spine are the gold reserve vaults. Gold bullion is stacked vertically through a central service lift, in addition the Gold Tower acts as the main light source for the subterranean environment. Daylight is harnessed throughout the course of the day by the means of a central lightwell, this is then reflected down the core and amplified by the Gold Bullion’s high reflectivity. Cavernous void spaces sculpted out from the form allow light to flood into the void space creating a gold aura: acting like a chandelier of light.

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